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Mission Bay

In the early 40’s, the Chamber of Commerce recommended Mission Bay be developed into a tourist and recreational center to help diversify the City’s largely military based economy. By the late 40’s, dredge and fill of twenty-five millions cubic yards of sand and silt created the land forms of the park which now is almost entirely man-made and the San Diego River Flood Control Channel was built to contain the river.  Mission Bay is now a recreational area with over 1800 slips scattered throughout 9 marinas.

Mission Bay


Latitude: 32 degrees, 45’5″N, 117 degrees, 15’6″W  |  Chart:  18765

Weather Report

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Service Phone Hours Contact
Harbor Patrol 619.686.6272 24 HOURS VHF 16
Guest Slips 619.221.8800 24 HOURS x

Vistor Berths

There are many privately run docks with overnight slips available.

634 Slips
Contact: Gerry Charest & Mort McCarthy
1936 Quivira Way
San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: (619) 224-3125
Fax: (619) 222-0634

198 Slips
Contact: Andy Schwartz
1660 South Shores Road
San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: (619) 226-3910
Fax: (619) 225-3260

Mooring Information

There are a few 72 hour moorings that are protected from the weather are available at the north end of  Mariners Basin, you may stay up to 3 days out of a 7 day period at no cost, contact (619) 221-8800.

Marine Facilities

Launch Ramp
There are 4 public launch ramps that are open 24 hours.
1. Dana Landing is located near the south end of the South Ingraham Bridge.  There are overnight accommodations and rental slips.  Amenities include fuel, ice, restaurant and bait.
2. De Anza Cove Public Ramp is located in the northeast corner of the bay, just off East Mission Bay Drive. Amenities include picnic areas, swimming and water skiing areas and a float.
3. Santa Clara Point Public Ramp is located on the west side of the bay off Santa Clara Place.  Amenities include ice, groceries, picnic areas, water skiing.
4. Ski Beach Public Ramp is located on the east side of Vacation Isle.  Amenities include restrooms, picnic area and water skiing.
Pump Out Stations
Quivira Basin at Marina Village and the Islandia Hotel Fuel Dock
Fuel Dock
There is fuel available at Quivura Basin, Dana Landing, the Islandia Hotel Fuel Dock, all with both diesel and gasoline.
There is ice, bottled gas and supplies available at Quivura Basin.

Harbor Information

There are two jetties at the entrance to Mission Bay that are lighted and are 5.5 miles north of Point Loma and .3 miles north of the Ocean Beach pier.  There is a U.S. Navy platform northwest 1 mile. The Sea World tower is 338 feet and is lighted 1.8 miles east of the entrance. There is a dredged channel leading to the bay with the entrance to Mariners Basin about a mile inside the entrance on the port side and the entrance to Quivura Basin on the starboard.  At 1.3 miles inside there is a bridge between Ventura Point and Sunset Point with a reported clearance of 38 feet.  The bay has a number of islands, Vacation Isle directly inside the bay and linked by two bridges, reportedly, the south having a clearance of 24 feet and the north clearing by 29 feet.  Fiesta Island to the east is connected to the mainland.

Fog Horn:  Located on the Ocean Beach pier, the north jetty and the Navy platform.

Mission Bay Vessel Speed
The speed limit on Mission Bay from sunset to sunrise is five (5) miles per hour. At other times, certain areas have a designated speed limit of five (5) miles per hour or less. These include: wherever buoys are posted with a five (5) mile per hour limit, near bridges, within 100 feet of shore, within 100 feet of another vessel

Mission Bay Boat Beaching
Vessels are permitted to be beached in many parts of Mission Bay, provided there is not a designated swim area or a waterski takeoff and landing area. The north end of Fiesta Island is closed to beaching. It is important to read signs carefully before beaching a boat in any area.

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