Adidas Sailing

“The specific aim for the project was to create shoes that were really specific to the different jobs you have on the boat. We did a lot of research into the boat, the environment, the roles of the crew and worked out the ideal shoe for each person on the boat.”

It was back in 2007 that adidas first investigated the idea of developing shoes specifically for sailing athletes. This was for the Porsche Design range, and the man tasked with coming up with the best possible sailing shoes was footwear designer Jacques Chassaing. “We had Jochen Schumann who just started working with the German America’s Cup team and on the TP52 keelboat.

“We could have designed a lot of shoes because there are so many different functions on the boat but in the end we narrowed it down to three specific types to cover most functions, and we called these shoes the ‘bowman’, the ‘grinder’ and the ‘tactician’. The ‘tactician’ was derived from a running shoe design, but for the other two we invested a lot more research to come up with something that would work as well as possible for the particular demands of these roles.”

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