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Ventura Harbor

Built in 1963, Ventura Harbor is a man-made commercial and recreational harbor located on the southern California coast approximately 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles and the last harbor before rounding Pt. Conception going north.  The harbor has approximately 200 commercial berths and 1,600 recreational berths and provides ocean access to an attached private marina with 300 boat slips.

Ventura Harbor


Latitude: 34 degrees, 14’3″N, 119 degrees, 16’9″W  |  Chart:  18725

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Service Phone Hours Contact
Harbor Patrol 805.642.8618 24 HOURS x
Ventura Boatyard 805.654.1433 24 HOURS
VHF Radio Channel 16 24 HOURS x

Guest Slips

Marina Village has guest slips at  $1.00 per foot per day depending on availability, with proof of vessel documentation/registration, current vessel liability insurance and photo I.D.  1583 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura, CA 93001, (805) 644-0169  or email:

Rates (No Refunds)
Daily rate: .75 cents per foot
Maximum stay is 10 days.
Additional days may be authorized by the Harbormaster.
Greater than 10 days rate:
.85 cents per foot
(Harbormaster¹s approval with insurance with the following: 1) a letter addressed to the Harbormaster requesting an additional stay and 2) insurance naming the County of Ventura “as additionally insured” & minimum liability coverage in the amount of $100,000.
Shore power cords: Minimum 12 gauge wire.
Parking when not in guest slip: Day Use $5.00
Overnight $10.00 Overnight Occupied $20.00

Marine Facilities

Launch Ramp
The launch ramp as six lanes and about 180 parking spaces. It is accessible 24-hours a day, and a parking fee applies at all times. The fee is paid at a “Pay and Display” machine that is located in front of the restroom. All vehicles are required to obtain and display a permit. The parking fee schedule is:
First Hour—free with permit
Two Hours–$2.00   Three Hours–$3.00   24-Hours–$4.00
Multiple Day permits are available at the machine. A 12-month permit may be purchased at the Harbor Patrol Office for $75.00.
Pump Out Stations
There are two pump out stations, one located at B Dock in Ventura West Marina and on at G Dock in Ventura Isle Marina.  There are also Porta-potti dump facilities.
Fuel Dock
The fuel dock is located directly inside the harbor entrance across the main channel.
Bait & Ice
No information at this time.

Harbor Information

Harbor Location & Description:  Ventura Harbor is  located 23 nautical miles south of the city of Santa Barbara  and 6 nautical miles north of the Channel Islands Harbor. It is a man-made harbor located on Pierpont Bay.

Harbor Entrance:  The entrance to the harbor is between two jetties, both lighted with a fog horn and radio beacon on the south jetty.   Dangerous swells can occur during winter months with a prevailing westerlies.  Take a direct course between the entrance whistle buoy 2 and the breakwater entrance.

Because of frequent dredging and improvements in the design of the harbor entrance, it has never been safer to transit the harbor entrance. Some “local
knowledge” will also be helpful. Enter or exit only via the main entrance, between the two jetties. The area behind the breakwater is designed as a Sand
Trap and is subject to severe shoaling.

The entrance buoy “2VU” is located approximately ½ mile off the entrance. The prudent skipper always keeps this buoy to the starboard when entering. This
keeps him or her away from the mouth of the Santa Clara River, ½ mile south of the entrance. As one of the largest naturally running rivers in Southern
California, this river provides a tremendous amount of sand to the local beaches. Unfortunately this can create heavy surf conditions far out to sea.


Ventura Harbor 
1603 Anchors Way
Ventura, CA 93001
VHF Channel 16

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